Our Story


Founded out of a desire to combine design, art and spirituality. The client receives professional service, and close accompaniment from the beginning of the project to the end. The work process involves the customer's experiences and desires throughout the project in a combination of advanced simulations (plans, sketches and 3D images).


Raquel Weitzman, artist and interior designer, combines in her works advanced design principles, great creative richness and foundations of Feng Shui theory, while addressing the client's desires and needs.

Raquel, who was born and educated in Brazil, expresses the colorfulness of the culture of her homeland, along with other design elements from the country and the world.

As an artist and painter, Raquel brings to her works groundbreaking thinking and a unique design approach. The use of the most advanced three-dimensional (3D) planning and illustration tools allows the customer to be an active partner in formulating the project and outlining the design solution that suits him.

Raquel Weitzman was born in Brazil, Minas Jarais (MG) in Blue Horizonte. Interior Designer, a graduate of Studio B6 Israel and a master of Feng Shui.

The "naive" style of her paintings with Brazilian influence, prominent in her paintings and her interior designs

Raquel Weitzman 

CEO & Founder